Our kids!!

Here they are, presented with short interviews.

They talked with just a small reference guide (they had to say at least their name and the class they are attending).

We wanted it to be as spontaneous as possible.

Having to speak in front of a phone recording their voice, some of them got shy, while others (see Moses) were a lot more at ease.

We hope you’ll get an idea of the kids you are supporting through their own words, often full of gratitude.

For each kid you will see a picture representing something they like doing or would like to be in the future.

We also translated what they say because someone spoke in Swahili, and somebody mixed English and Swahili languages during the interview.


Here they are, for you, with their own voices:

My name is Agnes Sabella. I’m in class five. When i finish schooling i would like to be a surgeon. My hobby is running. I love swimming and playing football. I’m schooling in Elimu, Elimu Academy.


My name is Idah Kageni. I’m in Ngenia Primary School. Next year I’m hoping to go in form one. I would like to go in a national school. When I grow up I would like to be a journalist. My hobbies are swimming and riding bicycle. I’m happy for this Youth Recovery Programme giving me this chance to be at school. And I’m comfortable when I’m in school. Thank you


I Moses Githinji, I’m happy for giving me this chance. I’m in class 8 at Elimu Academy School. Thank you Youth Recovery Programme for giving me this chance to continue with my studies. My hobbies are to swim, play football, dancing and singing. Thank you Youth Recovery Programme for giving me this chance to become someone in future. Even in life is challenging us, I promise I do my best to achieve my dream. Thank you


My name is Lukas Mutahi. I am in form one. And my hobbies are swimming, dancing, football. I like also watching movies. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to study. And now at least I know I will become someone in future. My carrier is to become an engineer one day. Thank you Youth Recovery Programme.


My name is Brian Kinoti. I am in class three. I like playing, singing and reading. When I grow up I would like to be a surgeon. I was happy when I came to school. My school is called Elimu Academy. Thank you


My name is Mark Mwangi. I’m in pre-unit. I like playing, singing and then… Elimu Academy School. Thank you


I am Alex, as I would like to say thank you for the opportunity you are giving us. I study at Tigithi Boys High School. I’m happy for the education you are giving us. My talent is to play football and cycling. My hobby… I like to swimming and that playing football. And my career… I would like to join computer engineering. And I promise I will attain that grade of joining that career. Thank you Youth Recovery Programme


If every child on every street had clothes to wear and food to eat… That’s a miracle!

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