Our projects’ goals

Our projects are aimed, and always will, at improving young people’s lives and their psycho-physical wellbeing.

How can these goals be concretely achieved?

The underlying idea is to provide kids with the necessary tools to fulfill their potential and make the most of their abilities and aptitudes, both in their studies, at work and in their free time. In some situations, such objectives must first be backed up by other interventions aimed at providing kids with basic necessities useful to achieve those very same goals:

– a home

– food

– drinking water

– access to healthcare

Once the foundations for a healthy and respectable life have been laid, it is possible to provide them with both the school and professional education they need in order to be able to shape their own future. Apart from this essential aspect for growth, we believe it is just as important to give them the chance to spend their free time with their peers. This way they can grow up socially and no boredom or loneliness will lead them to turn to crime or alcohol and drug abuse.

That’s why we really count on sport activities as the way to achieve physical and mental wellbeing, and where possible we support sports and aggregation centres also providing them with equipment.

If many ants get together, they can move an elephant too

(African saying)