Tano tena: five more.

This is one of the slogans of Uhuru Kenyatta’s supporters. And Kenyatta really did. On the evening of August 11, 2017, after 3 days of count, the IEBC [1] proclaimed its victory as president of the Republic of Kenya [2]. Not all the polling stations have been counted and the data is still up to date, but the result can no longer change. Here is the video of the proclamation:


As foreseeable, the struggle for the presidency only concerned Kenyatta and Odinga, while the others got only a handful of votes, less than 1%. These are the results at the time of proclamation:

    • Uhuru Kenyatta is the President with 8,203,290 votes that represent 54.27% of the votes cast and has obtained at least 25% of the votes in 35 Counties; [3]
    • Raila Odinga gets 6,762,224 votes that represent 44.74% of the votes cast. He obtained at least 25% of the votes in 29 Counties; [4]
    • Joseph William Nthiga Nyagah gets 42,259 that represent 0.28% of the valid votes. It does not get 25% of the votes in any County;
    • Mohamed Abduba Dida gets 38,093 votes that represent 0.25% of the valid votes. It does not get 25% of the votes in any County;
    • John Ekuru Longoggy Aukot gets 27,311 votes that represent 0.18% of the valid votes. It does not get 25% of the votes in any County;
    • Japhet Kavinga Kaluyu gets 16,482 votes that represent 0.11% of the valid votes. It does not get 25% of the votes in any County;
    • Michael Wainaina Mwaura gets 13,257 that represent 0.09% of the valid votes. It does not get 25% of the votes in any County;
    • Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo gets 11,705 votes that represent 0.08% of the valid votes. It does not get 25% of the votes in any County. [5]

In Nairobi County Odinga obtained the majority of votes with 51.04% against 48.45% of Kenyatta; In the Prisons County won Odinga with 54.15% of votes against 45.16% of Kenyatta; In the Diaspora County won Kenyatta with 52.88% of votes against 46.45% of Odinga.

Presidential results for Contea

For Raila Odinga this was the 4th presidential nomination, but he lost each time.

The best results were obtained in the counties inhabited predominantly by members of the same tribe of the two candidates: Kenyatta, a Kikuyu tribe, wins in Nyandarua County with 98.99% of votes against Odinga’s 0.8%, who belongs to Luo tribe, wins on Siaya County with 99.11% of votes against 0.67% of Kenyatta.

Not only presidential: Kenyans also voted to elect members of Parliament, members of the County Assemblies, Senators, Governors and Women’s Representatives.

The August 8th election day had begun erly for many Kenyans. The polling stations would remain open from 6am to 5pm, but many in Nairobi were queuing to await the opening of the polling stations before midnight.

Everything was done without too many troubles unless it is excluded that when so many polling stations were closing and to begin the counting of votes, Turkana County was about to start voting. The delay was due by the heavy rains that caused challenges to the Independent Electoral Commission in providing the ballot material in time [6]. Even in other places there have been delays, though not of this level. The voting exercise was however secured at all and the polling did not close until all the queues were cleared.

There has also been some police arrest for those who had tried to vote more than once in different polling stations, but it was some isolated case. There was also an accident in Kisumu County, where a 64-year-old man died for a collapse after voting.

The 13th election is over, and while Kenyatta calls Odinga to work together for the country, the Nasa Coalition protests and complains about electoral fraud. Wetangula during the voting day said that thei would not accept not credible elections [7] and later Odinga complained about the presence of fraud during the transmission of data, which would be altered in favor of Kenyatta, accusing the international observers led by John Kerry of not having helped the Kenyans to solve this dispute [8].

Meanwhile, protests for Kenyatta’s re-election broke out, and the count of deaths upgraded to Sunday, August 13 were 24 according to the KNHCR [9] including a 10-year-old girl hit while she was playing with other children. [10]

Everyone’s hope is that the 2007 election riots are just a sad memory and the protests that are shaking the country these days end without further casualties.

[1] Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

[2] To be proclaimed President, you have to meet two requirements: get 50% +1 of the votes and get at least 25% of the votes in at least 24 counties of the 47 in which Kenya is subdivided. There are also the Prisons County, that of prisoners and the Diaspora County of Kenyans who live in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

[3] Kenyatta voted at Mutomo Pri School, in the Makueni County, where Odinga won.

[4] Odinga voted at Kibera Pri School, in the Nairobi County, where he won.

[5] After other updates the valid votes are 15,166,968; those disputed 5,191; Those rejected 403,358 and those rejected by Presiding Officer but whose rejection has been questioned by a candidate or an agent 2,807.

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